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Laughter Yoga is fast sweeping the world. It is a complete wellbeing workout – simple yet profound-and everybody, even BBC Breakfast News is talking about its many health benefits. Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 6000 social laughter clubs in 60 countries and also here in Britain..

DAVID COSSERAT is a qualified Laughter Yoga Leader. Ring him on 01604 810145 or 07931 905230 to book him to lead a session for you.

Laughter Yoga Sessions take place everywhere such as Prisons, Mental Hospitals, Businesses, Care Homes for the elderly or cancer patients or at a Laughter Club near you.

People are seeking Laughter clubs because;

1. If you are healthy and wish to stay that way it is good fun.
2. If you are being challenged by an illness then Laughter Yoga helps you heal more quickly.
3. Chronic illnesses, especially respiratory problems, are immediately eased.
4. It's a powerful cardio workout. 10 minutes Laughter Yoga is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine!
5. Immunity system is improved.
6. Circulation is improved.
7. Blood pressure is reduced.
8. Symptoms related to asthma, allergies, arthritis and cancer are alleviated.
9. Muscles relax and mood is enhanced.
10. The brain benefits from 25% more oxygen which enhances problem solving.
11. It's always good to lighten the atmosphere.
12. It's great to be silly!

So whether you want to simply improve your sense of humour or whether you wish to develop a more positive outlook, Laughter Yoga has much to give you. A smiling face is a magnet for fun, friendship and good fortune. A smiling body attracts good health and a happy life. Why are you hesitating? Ring DAVID now and enhance life for yourself and others!

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